Mounted Points

PFERD offers an expanded range of mounted points in vitrified and resinoid bonds. From a wide range of grit types, grit sizes and hardness grades the cases of application, customized abrasive products of different shapes for different material groups and the special demands are made in the application deployment.


Special mounted points in the new hardness grade O for use in foundries are suitable for machining alloyed and unalloyed steel and nodular iron castings. Aside from their rapid and aggressive abrasive performance and high stock removal, these tools achieve very good tool life.

Special mounted points in hardness grade R for use in foundries have been developed for use on grey and nodular cast iron. They are excellent for grinding out metal contaminations or for removing sharp burrs.

Wedge-shaped abrasive segments can be used to remove overlaps in sand moulds and cores. The tool is used with linear movements, much like a file. Its wedged shape allows work in difficult-to-reach areas.

Difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and its alloys and nickel or cobalt based alloys can be ground with the new hardness grade J mounted points. This series combines high stock removal with a very long tool life; the aggressive abrasive performance is achieved with a cool grind.


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As in previous years, PFERD will be exhibiting its products on numerous trade shows.

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