Stationary Cut-Off Wheels

For better and clear guidance for the user stationary cut-off wheels  have now been given a separate presentation platform in our catalogue 207:

- CHOPSAW Cut-off wheels for cutting solid material, profiles and pipes
- TABLECUT Cut-off wheels for cutting solid material, profiles and pipes
- UNIVERSAL Cut-off wheels for cutting solid material, profiles and pipes
- RAIL Special cut-off wheels for rail cutting
- HEAVY DUTY High-performance cut-off  wheels for cutting solid material, profi les and pipes with stationary high-performance machines
- LABORATORY High-performance cut-off wheels for cutting of laboratory samples


Our CHOP and HEAVY DUTY product groups have been supplemented to include new, previously unavailable dimensions. Market requirements are thus more effectively addressed by both product lines.

The LABORATORY version is altogether new in the PFERD range. It has been purpose-developed for cutting operations in the preparation of metallographic samples. These products are intended exclusively for use on special precision-type stationary cut-off machines.

These patented steel core cut-off wheels are characterized by a solid steel main body containing no abrasive grain. This tool design yields multiple benefits:

- The steel core permits the use of smaller clamping flanges.
- Due to the steel core, the abrasive cut-off wheel exhibits superior lateral stability.
- Wheel residue disposal costs are avoided as the steel core contains no abrasive media.


Trade fairs

As in previous years, PFERD will be exhibiting its products on numerous trade shows.

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