Tool Drives

In catalogue 209 you will find our tool drives which are especially designed for grinding, milling, brushing, cutting and polishing. They cover all releveant speed and power output performance ranges and comply with the latest requirements in ergonomics and safety.


The straight grinder PGAS 1/600 (60.000 RPM, 110 watts) is light and easy to handle. Its precise spindle bearing ensures perfect concentricity, ideal for fine milling, grinding and engraving tasks. These should preferably be carried out with smaller-diameter tools.

Our straight grinder PG 3/210 DH (21.000 RPM, 220 watts) is a handy, easy-to-control machine for light milling and grinding work. Its low vibration level minimizes strain on the operator, tool and machine.

The belt grinder PBS 3/200 DH 99 (21 m/s) is a lightweight, one-hand,ergonomically shaped unit. Thanks to its slim replaceable attachment arms, it is perfect for use in cutouts, recesses and fillet welds.

The electric straight grinder UGER 11/330 SI (33.000 RPM, 1.050 watts) is a high power output machine with stepless adjustable speed control. It is particularly well suited for use with tungsten carbide burrs and TC mounted points. Its long spindle housing provides exceptional control.

The new electric drum grinder UWER 15/40 SI D19 (3.500 RPM, 1.530 watts) is designed specifically for use with drum and roller-type abrasive tools. Thanks to its digital electronics, the speed of this low RPM angle grinder/polishing machine remains constant even at elevated loads. The unit is also available as part of the FR-W 100100 UWER 15/40 230 V abrasive drum kit supplied in a practical hard case.

The new multi-speed machine Mini-Mammoth Electronic MMEW 11/120 (850 - 12.000 RPM, 1.100 watts) supplements the successful Mammoth Electronic ME 22/150. Its compact dimensions and low weight make it highly versatile in use. The unit is particularly well suited for milling, grinding and polishing, especially in tool, die and pattern making shops.

Under the heading “Personal protective equipment“, PFERD offers highquality products for safety and health protection. One innovation is the SensoGrip protective glove: Their visco-elastic padding in grip contact areas reduce vibrations by 30%, allowing the operator to work longer.


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As in previous years, PFERD will be exhibiting its products on numerous trade shows.

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