High Speed Disc ALUMASTER

Certainly more stock removal

EISEN 2016 Innovation Award

Product information

The innovative ALUMASTER High Speed Disc is a unique tool with an extremely high stock removal performance, which was specially developed for use on angle grinders. The latest new development from PFERD is ideal for processing aluminium as it does not generate hazardous or explosive dust. The special design of the tool also guarantees maximum safety. It consists of ten specially developed tungsten carbide cutting inserts, which are fixed to the very light, but extremely robust GRP disc. The innovative geometry of the disc and the possibility of turning or replacing the cutting inserts when they are worn allow the very long and cost-effective use of this uniquely safe solution for processing aluminium.


  • Extremely high stock removal performance
  • Maintains the user's health as no hazardous or explosive dust is generated
  • Maximum safety thanks to the innovative cut geometry and the integrated depth gauge
  • Very light and still extremely robust tool thanks to the innovative GRP disc (weight similar to that of reinforced grinding wheels)
  • Can be used on all standard angle grinders (dia. 115/125 mm)
  • Can be used in almost any location as you do not need an extractor unit
  • Extremely long tool life because of the innovative disc geometry as well as the specially developed turnable and replaceable tungsten carbide cutting inserts
  • The tool does not clog up even on lubricating materials
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to reinforced grinding wheels and flap wheels

Recommendations for use

  • For cost-effective use, preferrably use on air angle grinders with a power output of at least 1,000 watts or electric angle grinders with a nominal power of at least 1,400 watts.
  • Do not exert unnecessarily high force on the angle grinder: The ALUMASTER High Speed Disc already works with low forces. The weight of the angle grinder is enough.
  • Use the tool at an angle of 5–30°, in special cases of up to 60°.
  • Avoid deep penetration. The milling disc is not a cutting tool.
  • Process workpiece edges along and not against the workpiece edge.
  • Do not decelarate the tool on the workpiece. The cutting inserts might break.

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