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Are you an expert on surface machining or material cutting and grinding?

Boost productivity, cut process costs, and achieve maximum efficiency with our first-rate innovations, designed for your needs.

With PFERD by your side, look forward to even better results. Try out the PFERD champions POLIFAN Z 40 SG POWER STEELOX, CC-GRIND ROBUST, and POLIFAN CURVE today.


The champion when it comes to service life: With the new version of the Z 40 grit, this flap disc boosts stock removal by up to 75 % while offering maximum aggressiveness. Now available in 4-1/2” and 5” diameters.

  • The optimal flap disc for steel.

  • One of the most aggressive flap discs on the market.

  • The most economical solution for industrial users.

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See the POLIFAN Z 40 SG POWER STEELOX in action

Maximum aggressiveness over the entire service life.
The versatile solution that does wonders for your service life.
Level up to 30 m of weld seam per flap disc.
POLIFAN POWER - The champion when it comes to tool life.

CC-GRIND ROBUST grinding disc

The champion when it comes to stock removal: The modern, high-performance, and ergonomic alternative to grinding wheels, flap discs and fibre discs.

  • Maximum productivity due to our highly aggressive VICTOGRAIN abrasive.

  • Light, quiet, and generates little dust.

  • Innovative, state-of-art PFERD design.

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All the benefits to you at a glance

3 times faster stock removal compared to a grinding wheel.
Noticeably more ergonomic than a grinding wheel: Noise, vibrations and dust are reduced.
Audibly quieter than a grinding wheel.


The champion when it comes to work on fillet welds: The only flap disc in the world that has flaps on both the grinding side, and on the rear side, as well as on the radius.

  • Outstanding service life when working on fillet welds.

  • High stock removal rate for fast work progress and lower production costs.

  • Unique patented PFERD design.

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Experience the POLIFAN CURVE in action

Unique disc for precise and optimum grinding of the fillet weld geometry.
Versatile disc suitable for different materials thanks to extensive product range.
All-round grinding: You can grind difficult-to-reach areas due to the unique design.

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