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New tools for coarse stock removal: PFERD expands portfolio of tungsten carbide burrs with CAST cut

tungsten carbide burrs with CAST cut


Up to 100 per cent higher stock removal performance when used on cast iron.

PFERD ( has developed new tungsten carbide burrs with CAST cut for working on cast iron. The specialist in tools for surface finishing and material cutting has thereby added 24 burrs with different head shapes to the tried and tested CAST portfolio. The new burrs are specially designed for coarse stock removal. Compared to conventional cross cut burrs, they deliver up to 100 per cent higher stock removal performance when used on cast iron. This is due to their innovative tooth geometry.

Tungsten carbide burrs with CAST cut have been an integral part of the PFERD range since 2014. They belong to the tool manufacturer’s line of material-specific tungsten carbide burrs (STEEL, INOX, ALU, PLAST, CAST, TITAN). From now on, there are 24 more burrs with different head shapes for coarse stock removal: 17 of those with a shank diameter of 6 mm, 7 with a shank diameter of 8 mm.

Because of their properties, these tungsten carbide burrs are suitable for working on cast iron with flake graphite EN-GJL (GG), cast iron with nodular graphite/nodular cast iron EN-GJS (GGG), white annealed cast iron EN-GJMW (GTW) and black cast iron EN-GJMB (GTS) in particular.

Real milling talents when used on cast iron

“In addition to the significantly higher stock removal performance compared to conventional solutions, our tungsten carbide burrs with CAST cut are characterized by increased aggressiveness, large chips and very good chip removal. Moreover, they feature smooth milling with significantly reduced vibration and less noise,” explains Thomas Plömacher, product manager for tungsten carbide burrs at PFERD, the brand of August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co KG.

These new tools also offer crucial benefits in terms of PFERDVALUE – a programme to improve ergonomics (PFERDERGONOMICS) and efficiency (PFERDEFFICIENCY). PFERDERGONOMICS recommends burrs with CAST cut as an innovative tool solution for comfortable working with reduced vibration and less noise. The high performance and long tool life also have a very favourable effect on efficiency: PFERDEFFICIENCY classifies CAST burrs as especially resource saving thanks to their low energy consumption, the low generation of waste and the considerable time savings.

The following video shows a comparison between conventional tungsten carbide burrs and the new CAST cut: