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PFERD Tool Manual - New reference material – in printed and digital format

PFERD Tool Manual - New reference material – in printed and digital format


The 23rd edition of the PFERD Tool Manual embodies all that PFERD stands for: innovative solutions and a wide spectrum of products for work on surfaces and cutting applications which leaves nothing to be desired.

With the 23rd edition of the Tool Manual, PFERD once again underlines its high quality standards with respect to its catalogue. Containing over 700 pages, the new edition makes good on its claim of being the definitive reference material for work on surfaces and cutting applications.

Over 8,500 tools for cutting, filing, milling, brushing and polishing are clearly presented, in addition to precisely matched electric or flexible-shaft drive systems and air grinders – and all in combination with useful application tips and recommended uses.

“We consciously stuck by this high content quality,” explains Stefan Braun, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Marienheide-based tool specialist. “We know that users can only fully exploit the potential of our tools when they are used under the right conditions. That’s why we attach such great importance to ensuring that all information required to make the most efficient use of each tool is communicated.”

“The fast way to the best tool” – the application-oriented navigation philosophy that enables solutions for application problems to be found faster – has also been refined. It allows readers to begin a search using the tool group, e.g. milling tools, or using processes which can be realized using the required tool, e.g. deburring, work on contours or creating apertures. This initial selection directs readers to the relevant areas of the catalogue, where they are guided on to the best solution for each tool group by means of different navigational aids and filters, such as the material which is to be worked on.

The fact that the topic of “PFERDVALUE” also continues to grow in importance within the Tool Manual can be explained by the increasing interest in matters of operational ergonomics and profitability, according to Stefan Braun: “On the one hand, our customers are facing ever more significant challenges when implementing increasingly stringent ergonomic specifications and regulations in their businesses’ operations; on the other hand, international competition requires untapped productivity reserves to be identified by optimizing processes. Here, PFERDVALUE provides useful orientation aids and uses the Tool Manual to show on paper the benefits that respective tools offer in terms of ergonomics and efficiency.”

The new Tool Manual is also available online, albeit in a different format, according to Braun. “The Tool Manual on our website is based on exactly the same data as the printed version, yet it makes full use of the possibilities of digital presentation on the Internet, particularly with regard to the ‘search’ and ‘buy’ functions.”

As a result, the core element of the PFERD homepage is the centrally placed “product search” function, which offers a shortcut to each sought item. As an alternative to this classic search method, visitors to the page are able to make use of a product finder, which suggests solutions based on the selected application, tool drive solution or material to be worked on. Products identified in this way are displayed together with their technical data and all necessary information on use, just like in the Tool Manual.

“When arranging the online version of the Tool Manual, we let ourselves be guided by the requirements and expectations of web users,” says Braun. “As a rule, performing a search is the first step of a customer’s journey, which we want to get off to a successful start.” Once the best tool for the job has been identified, the customer can be immediately transferred to the purchasing process. PFERD displays retailers who stock the product and are able to supply it. With a single click, the customer is then able to proceed to the respective retailer’s online shop and order the tool from there.

Over the coming weeks, PFERD will roll out the Tool Manual worldwide in printed and digital format. With 20 different language versions, it will once more act as the definitive reference material for work on surfaces and cutting applications in over 100 markets worldwide.