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Grinding wheels – reinvented

Grinding wheels – reinvented


The classic among grinding tools – the grinding wheel – is seemingly indispensable in a number of applications. PFERD presents interesting alternatives while promising higher performance and improved ergonomics.

Grinding wheels are tried and tested, and seem irreplaceable in certain applications in spite of their drawbacks in terms of ergonomics and efficiency. Yet PFERD, the Marienheide-based specialist for work on surfaces and cutting technology, supplies numerous modern and highly efficient alternatives for most applications.

“The CC-GRIND product family isn’t only superior to classic grinding wheels in purely ergonomic terms,” explains Marco Steinwand, Product Manager for cutoff and grinding wheels at PFERD, “but above all in terms of performance.” It’s a given that tool performance is still the primary concern for users. “This is a question of aggressiveness; of achieving the highest possible stock removal in the shortest possible time,” says Steinwand. In the meantime, however, customers are also increasingly paying attention to ergonomic factors. After all, there is more and more desire to reduce vibration, noise and dust pollution, while simultaneously improving tool handling. “Users want to work with modern tools that protect their health while enhancing their efficiency.” With its SOLID, FLEX and (newly added) STRONG variants, the CC-GRIND product family offers numerous options to ensure that the ideal tool is always at hand for every application and every worker.

Anyone who attaches importance to aggressiveness and the very fastest work progress will be ideally served by the CC-GRIND-SOLID and CC-GRIND-FLEX variants with VICTOGRAIN, the new high-performance abrasive grain from PFERD: “Overall, CC-GRIND-SOLID grinding discs already boast stock removal rates which are 100% higher than conventional grinding wheels,” the PFERD Product Manager explains. “The VICTOGRAIN variants boast performance with is a further 100% higher.” These discs, which are named CC-GRIND-SOLID SGP STEEL for steel and CC-GRIND-SOLID SGP INOX for stainless steel (INOX), also far surpass the performance of other tools on the market.

The STRONG variant is another new addition to the CC-GRIND product range. “At PFERD, it’s only the products that boast particularly long tool lives and high stock removal rates that bear the name ‘STRONG’,” says Steinwand, outlining the benefits of this new solution from PFERD. Due to its three layers of abrasive, CC-GRIND-STRONG offers a tool life that is around three times longer than the classic CC-GRIND-SOLID variant. In addition, it boasts all the ergonomic benefits of the CC-GRIND family: noise and vibration are reduced by 50%, dust by as much as 70%.

In addition, PFERD offers an innovation for users who don’t want to stop using grinding wheels despite these persuasive statistics: the new CERAMIC COMFORT hybrid grinding wheel combines a layer of abrasive on an underlay with a classic grinding wheel. “Due to the combination of the abrasive layer with optimally oriented grain and a grinding wheel with high grinding performance, the CERAMIC SG COMFORT enables very fast work progress,” says Marco Steinwand. Furthermore, the very long tool life enables the number of tool changes to be reduced, which is conducive to profitability. “The wheel can still be used just like a conventional grinding wheel, and its special construction offers ergonomic advantages as a result of considerably lower levels of noise emission and vibration than conventional grinding wheels.”

“Grinding wheels – reinvented” was adopted as a slogan for these developments, according to Steinwand. These innovations allow PFERD to offer interesting alternatives to classic products.

PFERDERGONOMICS recommends CC-GRIND-STRONG SG and CERAMIC SG COMFORT, not forgetting CC-GRIND-SOLID and CC-GRIND-FLEX, for sustainably reducing vibration, noise and dust, and improving working comfort.

PFERDEFFICIENCY recommends CC-GRIND-STRONG SG and CERAMIC SG COMFORT, not forgetting CC-GRIND-SOLID and CC-GRIND-FLEX, for resourceconserving work that achieves perfect results in no time at all.