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Cut-off wheels - New product range, new design, improved performance

Cut-off wheels - New product range, new design, improved performance


PFERD is rethinking its range of cut-off wheels – users will benefit from new design features and considerable improvements in performance.

Thin cut-off wheels are among the most frequently sold products in the PFERD range. Regular performance increases ensure that these PFERD wheels are always among the very best in the world.

With the new portfolio of cut-off wheels, the specialists from Marienheide are unveiling a far-reaching technical and visual leap forward for work on surfaces and material cutting.

“Of course, we were mainly concerned with increasing the performance of the tools and improving the benefit to the user when overhauling our range of cutoff wheels,” explains Stefan Braun, Director of Sales and Marketing at PFERD. “At the same time, we made the most of the opportunity to align the structure of the product range and the design concept of the products and their designations with the altered requirements of the market.” When doing so, it was especially important to PFERD to make the product labels more clear and comprehensible: “Our products should be ‘self-explanatory’ for users,” says Braun. This applies in more ways than one. “Users should consciously choose PFERD because the performance and handling of our tools are also ‘self-explanatory’.”

As a result, it isn’t just cut-off wheels which now appear in a clear, modern and practical design, but also reinforced grinding wheels, flap discs and stationary cut-off wheels. “We expect that these measures will prove very popular,” adds Stefan Braun, “especially due to the massive improvements in performance for certain tools, which is up to 105% better for new thin cut-off wheels than for their predecessor models, to name just one example.” Combined with the new design and the clear structure of the product range, this will surely impress users.

PFERDERGONOMICS recommends thin cut-off wheels for sustainably reducing vibration, noise and dust development, and for improving working comfort.

PFERDEFFICIENCY recommends thin cut-off wheels for achieving perfect results as quickly as possible while conserving resources.