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Abrasives DELTAGRAIN - Well-rounded triangles

Abrasives DELTAGRAIN - Well-rounded triangles


New development DELTAGRAIN is among the most effective abrasives in the world – a strategically important USP for PFERD.

PFERD christened its new abrasive grain “DELTAGRAIN”; a name that plays on the precision-formed, triangular format of the high-performance abrasive. “This format is one of the reasons for the grain’s superior performance,” explains Jörn Bielenberg, CEO of the Marienheide-based manufacturer of solutions for work on surfaces and cutting materials.

The triangles of abrasive grain in the DELTAGRAIN are identical in shape and size, and their cutting edges are applied to the workpiece at the optimum angle, meaning that each individual grain needs very little energy to penetrate the workpiece. In this way, the user benefits from an efficient machining process with fast work progress, a long tool life and a reduced influx of heat into the workpiece. In addition, a lower level of performance is required of the drive system: “DELTAGRAIN products can even achieve their extremely high performance levels on commercially available angle grinders,” says Bielenberg.

The triangles of abrasive grain in the DELTAGRAIN are fixed to the substrate on one of their sides. This means they are securely fixed in place and, together with their slim design, offer an extremely large chip space in order to further improve machining efficiency. The structure of the triangular DELTAGRAIN has also been specially adapted to maximize results. The very small crystals inside the triangles ensure optimum wear characteristics as sharp cutting edges are always exposed, although only the minimum amount of the abrasive grain or the triangle breaks off.

DELTAGRAIN is among the most effective abrasives worldwide,” claims Jörn Bielenberg, emphasizing the strategic importance of the new high-performance abrasive. “A series of comprehensive tests under a wide variety of conditions have demonstrated that it is vastly superior to conventional ceramic oxide grain, not to mention special derivatives and developments based on ceramic oxide grain.” This makes DELTAGRAIN an extremely promising proposition on the market: for PFERD and retailers in particular. “What’s more, DELTAGRAIN offers end users a level of profitability that provides a buffer in terms of costs, which is always crucial.”

DELTAGRAIN tools are available now as COMBICLICK fibre discs, COMBIDISC abrasive discs and midget fibre discs, CC-GRIND-SOLID and CC-GRIND-FLEX variants in a range of dimensions.

PFERDERGONOMICS recommends a range of DELTAGRAIN tools for sustainably reducing vibration, noise and dust development, and for improving working comfort.

PFERDEFFICIENCY recommends a range of DELTAGRAIN tools for working for long periods with low levels of fatigue, whilst saving resources and achieving perfect results as quickly as possible.