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PFERD's appearance at the International Hardware Fair runs like clockwork

PFERD's appearance at the International Hardware Fair 2018


The new DELTAGRAIN product and strategic discussions are the centre of PFERD’s trade fair appearance – Stefan Braun believes that absentees have missed out.

“We could be sure before the start of the fair that ‘DELTAGRAIN’, our latest innovation, would attract a lot of interest,” says PFERD Director of Sales and Marketing, Stefan Braun, clearly pleased by visitors’ enthusiasm for the new high-performance abrasive developed by PFERD. “We knew that retailers would welcome a solution that can compete with the previous ‘top dogs’.” The fact that DELTAGRAIN even manages to surpass the previous benchmark for abrasives was definitely noticed by retail partners. “Retailers see this as an opportunity for them to regain lost sales, or to land new sales that they weren’t able to clinch before now.”

With DELTAGRAIN, PFERD unveiled to the International Hardware Fair a new product family that ranks firmly among the world’s most effective abrasives thanks to its precision-formed, consistently sized and triangular abrasive grains. These grains, which are solidly anchored in the respective substrate on one of the triangle's sides, offer fast work progress and a long tool life, generate little heat and require little power output from the machine. What’s more, their slender shape leaves an extremely large chip space. “The user receives a tool that boasts ultimate and constant high performance,” explains Stefan Braun.

However, visitors’ interest wasn’t only piqued by DELTAGRAIN or over 560 additional new products, states Braun – “Under the tag line of ‘trading together’, we are presenting our retail partners with numerous strategic measures intended to shape our common future.” This is an area where PFERD also has an advantage – “In a phase of upheaval such as the one that our industry is currently experiencing, we can use this occasion to present our retailers with specific proposals concerning how our partnership might change from tomorrow onwards, and how it can be tailored to meet market requirements.” This is a topic that Braun claims has attracted a great deal of interest.

Following a rather tentative start on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the fair were particularly impressive, says the head of Sales and Marketing at PFERD. They also highlighted the significance of the trade fair for the hardware trade – “Retailers who don’t bother to show up to the International Hardware Fair, who don’t take the time to discuss day-to-day sales business and more with their important suppliers, and who don’t want to gather suggestions for the coming 24 months and take the opportunity to strategically align and coordinate their operations need to ask themselves whether they can really shape a common future single-handedly.” PFERD had clearly prepared well for this trade fair and the 24 months to come. “And we are ready to face this transformative phase together with the retailers.”