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Stainless steel (INOX) specialist now also in the SG line

CO-FREEZE specialist in the performance line SG


“It is much more than just the little sister of our well-known POLIFAN CO-FREEZE SGP STRONG INOX,” explains Marco Steinwand, product manager for cut-off wheels and grinding wheels at PFERD. “The new CO-FREEZE SG INOX is a very efficient specialist in working on stainless steel, and one of its particular strengths lies in surface grinding.”

The special FREEZE coating with active grinding and cooling agents ensures ultra-cool grinding. This coating significantly reduces heat build-up in the workpiece and prevents heat discolouration even in thermally unfavourable conditions, which would then have to be removed in an additional process step. “Not necessary and above all not cost-effective,” says Steinwand.

The ceramic grain itself provides aggressive stock removal rates, which is reflected in the fast work progress and high economic value. The excellent tool life leads to fewer tool changes and minimizes non-productive time.

According to Steinwand, another advantage of POLIFAN CO-FREEZE SG INOX is the fact that it generates considerably fewer sparks when grinding. “This is thanks to the very cool grinding,” says Steinwand. “The chips’ temperature is so low that they do not glow. That is why the workpiece and other stainless steel components close by will not be damaged by glowing chips.”

“However, the cooling effect, which manifests itself as a shiny film on the tool, combined with the considerably reduced number of flying sparks must not be mistaken for vitrification of the tool,” warns Marco Steinwand. He points out that these visual impressions do not have anything to do with stock removal, which is “consistently aggressive over the course of the entire tool life”.

POLIFAN CO-FREEZE SG INOX can be used for working on stainless steel (INOX) or nickel-based alloys (e.g. Inconel and Hastelloy), preferably for surface grinding and weld dressing.


PFERDERGONOMICS recommends POLIFAN CO-FREEZE SG INOX because of its low vibration emission, reduced noise and dust emission and its usability (haptics).

PFERDEFFICIENCY recommends POLIFAN CO-FREEZE SG INOX because it offers low energy consumption and time savings.