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Abrasive spiral bandsBulk pack GSBAluminium oxide A typeCylindrical shape

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EAN: 4007220148648
  • Technical information
    Opt. RPM from5.000 RPM
    Opt. RPM to7.600 RPM
    Dia.75 mm
    Height30 mm
    Grit size40
    Packing unit100 pcs.
  • Classification
    profi class 5.0EAC986c001
    eclass 8.121019206
    eclass 7.021011318
    eclass 4.121011303
  • Description

    For universal applications from coarse to fine grinding.

    Materials that can be worked:

    • aluminium
    • cobalt-based alloys
    • other non-ferrous metals
    • high-temperature-resistant materials
    • Bronze
    • hard non-ferrous metal
    • copper
    • soft non-ferrous metal
    • brass
    • stainless steel (INOX)
    • grey/nodular cast iron (GG/GJL, GGG/GJS)
    • annealed cast iron
    • Thermoplastics
    • fibre-reinforced duroplastics (GRP, CRP)
    • hardened, heat-treated steels over 1,200 N/mm2 (over 38 HRC)
    • steel materials with a hardness over 54 HRC
    • Steel, cast steel
    • steels up to 1,200 N/mm²
    • cast steel


    • roughening
    • weld dressing
    • deburring
    • surface work
    • work on edges
    • sharpening
    • weld dressing
    • fine grinding in multiple steps

    Drive types:

    • flexible shaft drive
    • straight grinder
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