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Wheel brushes



Stainless steel wire (INOX) – COMBITWIST type

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EAN no.: 4007220806845
  • Technical information
    All INOX brushes are degreased.
    Filament materialINOX
    Outer dia.125 mm
    Face width12 mm
    Trim length28 mm
    Arbor hole dia./threadM14x2
    Filament material diameter0.35 mm
    Knots24 pcs.
    Opt. RPM from4400 RPM
    Opt. RPM to12500 RPM
    Max. RPM12500 RPM
    profi class 5.0AAA163c005
    eclass 8.121043606
    eclass 7.021043606
    eclass 4.121011308
  • Description

    Very aggressive brush. Suitable for heavy-duty brushing in metalwork such as descaling, derusting, deburring, cleaning of weld seams and removal of adhesive residues.

    Materials that can be worked:

    • aluminium
    • other non-ferrous metals
    • high-temperature-resistant materials
    • cobalt-based alloys
    • Nickel-based alloys (e. g. Inconell and Hasteloy)
    • nickel- or titanium-based superalloys
    • hard non-ferrous metal
    • Bronze
    • titanium
    • Titanium alloys
    • soft titanium alloys (tensile strength < 500 N/mm²)
    • soft non-ferrous metal
    • stainless steel (INOX)


    • deburring
    • cleaning
    • removing heat discolouration
    • removing paint
    • derusting
    • descaling
    • removing oxide layers
    • weld dressing
    • work on fillet welds
    • root seam processing

    Drive types:

    • angle grinder
  • Product benefits
    • Maximum economic efficiency due to the longest tool life and the highest stock removal.
    • High level of comfort thanks to smooth running with no brush recoiling.
    • Suitable for work on corners and edges as the knots are less likely to unravel.
  • Recommendations for use
    • For optimum results, use on powerful angle grinders.
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