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Pneumatic grinders Straight grinder PGAS/PGZA 3/440

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EAN: 4007220176603

Technical information

RPM from 44000 RPM
Power output range from 250 watts
Exhaust direction rear
Throttle type ring/lever
Air consumption at idle 0.55 m³/min
Air consumption under load 0.35 m³/min
Collet group 6
Air supply hose inner dia. 8 mm
Weight [kg] 0.34
Elastically mounted spindles without
Support without
Material number 80104050


profi class 5.0 AAC403c008
eclass 8.1 21060106
eclass 7.0 21060101
eclass 4.1 21060101


Catalogue 9

Suitable PFERD tools

Catalogue section 2

TC burrs

Dia. up to 4 mm

HSS rotary cutters

Special cuts

Dia. up to 2.3 mm

Catalogue section 3*

Mounted points

Shank diameter of 3 mm:

Dia. up to 10 mm

Dia. 10 to 13 mm

Width ≤ 13 mm

Dia. 13 to 20 mm

Width ≤ 6 mm

Shank diameter of 6 mm:

Dia. up to 10 mm

Dia. 10 to 16 mm

Width ≤ 32 mm

Dia. 16 to 20 mm

Width ≤ 25 mm

Catalogue section 4*

Poliflex fine grinding points

Shank dia. 3 + 6 mmBonds:


Dia. up to 6 mm


Dia. up to 15 mm


Dia. up to 12 mm


Dia. up to 10 mm


Dia. up to 20 mm

Catalogue section 4*

Abrasive spiral bands and rubber drum holders

Dia. up to 13 mm

Catalogue section 5

Diamond grinding points

Dia. 3.5 to 8.0 mmShank dia. 3 + 6 mm

CBN grinding points

Dia. 7.0 to 10.0 mmShank dia. 3 + 6 mm

Catalogue section 6

Cut-off wheels EHT

Dia. 30 mm


ArborsBO SPG 6/6 0-10

Ring wheels ER

Dia. 30 mm



BO SPG 6/6 0-10

If no shank diameter is given, the shank dia. of 6 mm applies.

*Catalogue sections 3/4: This data applies to an unsupported shank length of 10 mm and the max. stated mounted point dimensions.Note: Please observe the recommended cutting speeds and the max. permitted rotational speeds in catalogue sections 2-8.


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