POLINOX® flap wheels – now also available with thread

PFERD is expanding the range of POLINOX® flap wheels to include versions with thread. Thanks to the new thread versions, the flap wheels – which are already popular with users – can now be assembled directly on the work spindle of the drive without additional clamping devices.

The tool is designed for work on medium-sized areas on speed-adjustable angle grinders and fillet weld grinders. They are characterized by cool cutting characteristics that exert a low thermal load on the tool piece, and at the same time do not clog. The PNL aluminium oxide version is made of radially arranged flaps of non-woven abrasive material. A long tool life is achieved through the dense packing of the flaps. The PNZ aluminium oxide version is additionally made of abrasive cloth interlayers that are found between the radially arranged flaps of non-woven material. This version is characterized by improved stock removal and a coarser finish. The PNG aluminium oxide version permits seamless brush matting of surfaces thanks to the wavy structure of the non-woven material.

As part of PFERDERGONOMICS®, we recommend POLINOX® flap wheels to achieve a long-term reduction in vibration and noise levels during use and to improve comfort.



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