PFERD "No. 1" at TradeSmart

PFERD has won the "supplier of the year 2012" for the TradeSmart Industrial Group. Shawn Sumner, Managing Director of PFERD Australia, and his team are delighted about the award: "With this prize TradeSmart is recognising our teamwork efforts in support and in mutual problem solving. The team from PFERD Australia is proud to be able to call itself "TradeSmart supplier of the year".

The members of the TradeSmart Industrial Group are asked to assess their suppliers each year using three size and turnover categories. The award in category 1 for large businesses, which goes to PFERD this year, is viewed as the most prestigious.

The TradeSmart Industrial Group has existed for eight years with more than 40 years of market experience in management. Its philosophy is to promote good teamwork with its members and suppliers to the benefit of all. The group has almost 60 members with around 75 branches nationwide and is therefore one of the most important trading groups in Australia.



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