New counterfeiters arrest made

Following on from the two counterfeit manufacturers who were convicted in March and August of 2012, PFERD identified another company that was manufacturing and selling fake chain saw files. PFERD has thus shown that the prosecution of counterfeiters in order to protect its brand is making systematic progress.

In March 2012, investigators commissioned by PFERD uncovered another factory in Nanpi County, which was obviously producing fakes.
A first attempt to get samples failed. Further investigation led to a wholesaler who provided samples and additional information about the manufacturer. A study of the samples by PFERD confirmed the suspicion of counterfeiting.

Then, via its representative office in Shanghai and its local lawyer, PFERD lodged a complaint with the Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) in Nanpi. AIC officials took over the investigation and decided to carry out a raid on the suspect factory.

The raid took place on December 21. As expected, the AIC officials found a number of chain saw files in the factory, along with counterfeit packaging. The owner of the factory was unable to produce a permit for the production of these PFERD products, claiming he didn't know that he needed such a permit. A total of 12,000 files were seized and subsequently taken to the local AIC compound.

The officials from the AIC's Department of Business Investigations will now continue to pursue this case and watch the factory. Further checks are also planned by the investigators appointed by PFERD.

PFERD reiterates its determination to continue doing everything possible to track down counterfeiters and put a stop to their handiwork in order to protect its brand. The thanks for this successful action go to the local investigators and the cooperative support of the local authorities from the AIC.



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