Record-breaking Success Story

A few days after the exhibition, the impressions left by this trade fair are still quite fresh at PFERD. "We had hoped to receive many interested visitors, but had not expected that our booth would develop into such an attraction," relates Stefan Braun, Director of Sales and Marketing, who is very satisfied with the course of events and the outcome of the International Hardware Fair. "The many new products and innovations and the new PFERD Tool Manual attracted the interest of our
customers. However, with the PFERDRECORD in particular, we initiated a success story that went far beyond our expectations."

200,000 cuts

In a remarkable initiative during the International Hardware Fair, the tool manufacturer from Marienheide established a new cutting record: 200,000 cuts with a 1-mm cutting wheel in just four days! With just under 210,000 cuts, even the original target set was exceeded. "Of course, our primary goal was not simply to cut more than 2 kilometres of stainless steel tube," continues Stefan Braun, explaining the reasons which led to the record attempt, "rather we wanted to demonstrate, in this impressive manner, just how efficient our new generation of 1-mm, thin R SG-INOX cut-off wheels is, and how high the associated potentials savings are."
Visitors to the exhibition were also enthralled by the PFERDRECORD. On some occasions, crowds of people were tightly packed in front of the large monitor wall as they watched the action transmitted to the booth live from the PFERDAKADEMIE in Marienheide. "Admittedly, the PFERDRECORD was an extremely unusual demonstration of a cut-off wheel. But we wanted the proof, 'live and in colour'", continues Stefan Braun, discussing the motives behind the unconventional presentation.

"It allowed us to create a story, that the specialist distributors will be very happy to take up and relate further" he expanded. "Some specialist distributers are already talking about the 'Record wheel', that they will be presenting to their end users!" A good mood among international participants In Marienheide, the record developed its own momentum. The 144 participants from 16 nations - one of the longest trips was made by PFERD trading partner Philip Chang who arrived from Malaysia - tried to outdo each other in the internal competition. One of the striking findings was how efficiently the thin cut-off wheels functioned, in spite of the
extremely intense load. Though all the fun however, the team remained focused on the task and, eventually, the record of 200,000 cuts was achieved.

The work behind the scenes was in full swing: Tube cuts had to be weighed and counted, materials had to be supplied to the cutter and the participants needed to be fed and looked after. On-site, organizer Anne Hoffmann was amazed by the commitment of her team: "Everybody mucked in; everyone here was striving in his or her area towards achieving the record and the mood was just fantastic!"

PFERD CEO Jörn Bielenberg launched the record attempt on the Sunday morning by making the first cut, and it was completed on the Wednesday afternoon by the mayor of Marienheide, Uwe Töpfer. In between lay four unique days, during which even the family members from the 6th generation of Rüggebergs - the children of the shareholders - got involved in the record attempt. However, it was not only the PFERDRECORD that was being discussed at the exhibition booth but also the more than 500 new products in the PFERD product line, including some outstanding innovation.

Material-specific tungsten carbide burrs

The presentation of the new tungsten carbide burrs for working with cast materials completes PFERDs product line of material-specific burrs. In addition to the well-known INOX cut (for working with stainless steel), STEEL cut (for grinding steel), ALU cut (for working with aluminium) and PLAST cut (for working with plastics), the new CAST cut (for working with cast materials) completes the product line of tungsten carbide burrs for high-performance applications. Burrs with the CAST cut have been specially developed for work with cast iron. They are characterized by an extremely high stock removal performance on cast iron and impress
through their smooth milling.

Completely revised POLICAP® product line

The SiC-COOL and CO-COOL versions from the POLICAP® product line are among the latest innovations from PFERD. They have been specially designed for particular tasks in the machining of workpieces made from aluminium, titanium, stainless steel (INOX) or nickel-based and cobalt-based alloys. They are suitable for use in aircraft and turbine construction and maintenance, for work with stainless steel (INOX) and with the high-temperature resistant nickel-based and cobalt-based alloys that are frequently used in turbine construction, e.g. Inconel® or Hastelloy®. The abrasive grinding additives prevent clogging and result in cooler grinding
with significantly higher stock removal rates

The new PFERD Tool Manual 22

Not least among the items awakening interest among the visitors was the new PFERD Tool Manual. The 22nd Edition continues to impress through its easy-to-understand and logically-structured tool navigation and in-depth technical knowledge, on over 600 pages. The well-known tool navigation "The fast way to the best
tool" has been further developed and optimized. In addition to the tool navigation, the new Tool Manual offers even more technical knowledge. There are also strong tips on ergonomic solutions: All the tools and drives are now marked with the well-known PFERDERGONOMICS® pictograms. QR codes can be used to call up further information, such as application videos or brochures. At the International Hardware Fair, PFERD presented versions in German and in English; a further 15 languages, including Turkish, Chinese, and Korean will follow within the next few weeks.

PFERD on social networks

For the first time, PFERD supported the entire trade fair event with posts and text messages on social networks: "Facebook", "Google+", "Twitter" and "Youtube". "For us, this was an exciting premiere", admits Stefan Braun, "but we were convinced that we needed to take this step at the trade fair. We wanted to make sure that nothing of what happened in Cologne or Marienheide, was lost. So those who did not have the opportunity to come to the trade fair in Cologne could follow all the
activities and the current events on the Internet." Moreover, in the coming weeks this communication with customers will be retained and further exclusive information will be offered on these platforms, as well as on the PFERD homepage, www.pferd.com. "After these four days at the trade fair, we have so many stories to te
ll - this will be very informative and above all fun" says Stefan Braun, inviting you to visit the PFERD brand presence on the web.

After the fair is before the fair

According to Stefan Braun there is surely something of a lasting impression created by a spectacula r trade fair event, and this will be used to advantage in the coming weeks and months in order to achieve with customers the joint actions agreed in the market. "But if we were now forced to decide whether or not to participate in the International Hardware Fair again - then we would most certainly be there! The record-breaking success story from this recent event leaves no doubt about that" continues Stefan Braun, offering a glimpse into the future and once again underlining the importance of the ‘Eisenwarenmesse’ to PFERD and the tool manufacturing sector.



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