The most important tool from PFERD

The most important tool from PFERD is the PFERD Tool Manual. Just as before, it's more than just a catalogue. Over more than 600 pages, the 22nd edition continues to impress by its easy-to-understand and logically-structured tool navigation and in-depth technical knowledge. Thus the reader is able to quickly find the best tool.

"The fast way to the best tool" - the application-oriented navigation - has been further developed and optimized. This makes selection of the relevant tooling solution even easier. Via the first pages of the tool manual and via the tabs, as before, the reader first locates the correct catalogue. There, revised header pages with extended navigation aids,
e.g. on the materials to be worked or the working processes, guide the reader to the best tool for the requirements.

The growing importance of ergonomics and the growing interest in this subject on the part of users is met by Tool Manual 22: The well-known PFERDERGONOMICS® pictograms indicate solutions for reduced vibration, less noise, reduced formation of dust and perceptibly increasing tool haptics.

Also new are the QR codes, via which further information, such as application videos or brochure material, can be called up directly from the Tool Manual.

The 22nd edition of the PFERD Tool Manual adheres to the long tradition of PFERD manuals which, from the beginning, were not just product directories but also offered added value through technical knowledge, numerous recommendations for use and exact descriptions on tool use. Only in this way it is possible to choose and use the best

The PFERD Tool Manual 22 is now available via the PFERD web pages or via the qualified production integrated retailers. Also available is the electronic reference book for surface finishing and cutting: From the middle of March, the Tool Manual will be available as an app in the Apple App Store and, in April, an Android version will be available in the Google Play Store.



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