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Upgrade for the PFERD logistics centre

PFERD is making another investment in modernizing the logistics centre located on the main site in Marienheide. The increasing internationalization of the company is placing increased demands on the technology and organisation. Added to that, the growing demand for quality products from the Marienheide-based tool manufacturer worldwide increasingly made it necessary to improve efficiency.

By installing state-of-the-art conveying systems and using the latest software, the company aims to satisfy the growing demands with its own modern logistics centre. This is because PFERD wishes to guarantee its customers a very high delivery capability of 98 % for the long term. During the several months of renovation, it became a self-imposed goal of the company to keep to its promise of ensuring delivery capability against all odds.

Thanks to exacting scheduling and superb commitment from employees, the company achieved its goal and ensured that recipients received their packages of PFERD tools expected across the country and across the world on time and ready for use.



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