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PFERD do Brazil welcomes new general manager on bord

The PFERD-group is pleased to have recruited a new general manager for the Brazilian subsidiary. In the years to come the PFERD group will put an extra focus on the Brazilian market in cooperation with Walter Wetzel.

For his new task the qualified business economist will contribute impressive language skills and extensive experience from similar positions to the group. The new sales pro at PFERD is certain: "Brazil is ripe for premium brands. An appreciation of quality and expectations regarding economy and efficiency has increased continually over recent years."

With more than 40 motivated employees and Walter Wetzel being on top of the PFERD-group’s subsidiary, located in Curitiba, the team has got what it takes to be successful in this promising market. In addition Hubertus Emmann, Authorized Representative and Head of International Sales at PFERD, is hopeful: "Mr Wetzel is Brazilian, knows the market and has extensive experience in similar positions, which he has gained working for German and Austrian companies, among others. Above all, however, it is his good links to the trade that will take PFERD forward in Brazil."   

August Rüggeberg currently has 22 subsidiaries, three of them located in Central and South America. PFERD do Brazil has been found in 2000 and provides its own warehouse guaranteeing a delivery capacity of over 98 %.



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