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Set of miniature burrs available with ALU cut

PFERD is now offering a set of miniature burrs for working with aluminium, consisting of 10 burrs in a range of shapes and dimensions. In addition, the range has been expanded with burrs in pointed tree shape (SPG).

The pointed tree shape is particularly suitable for working on rounded geometries, contours and surfaces that are difficult to access such as corners. In addition to this new shape, the new set also contains miniature burrs with cylindrical shape, tree shape with radius end, cylindrical shape with radius end and ball shape. The burrs are supplied in a robust plastic box, which provides outstanding protection, preventing the tools from getting dirty or damaged.

Tungsten carbide burrs with ALU cut are notable for their outstanding stock removal performance and the large chips and reduced material material adhesion. They have a long tool life and run smoothly. These high-capacity burrs for aluminium can operate at a speed of up to 1,100 m/min.

PFERD offers an extensive range of miniature burrs with ALU cut. The range includes all the most important shapes and dimensions and is ideal for cutting delicate components. Miniature burrs with cut ALU are as easy to work with and offer the same impressive stock removal performance as standard types.


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