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PFERD presents an innovation: ALUMASTER High Speed Disc

The new ALUMASTER High Speed Disc promises certainly more stock removal. It offers extremely high stock removal rates and guarantees maximum safety when working on aluminium materials, a task which can otherwise be hazardous.

There has not been a tool for all standard angle grinders up to now which can compare with it in terms of construction, geometry and performance. The ALUMASTER High Speed Disc consists of ten specially developed tungsten carbide cutting inserts, which are fixed to a very light, but extremely robust GRP disc.

Weighing approximately 228 grams, the High Speed Disc is only slightly heavier than a reinforced grinding wheel. With its excellent stock removal rates, it clearly outperforms conventional tools, however. Another advantage over reinforced grinding wheels and flap discs: The ALUMASTER High Speed Disc does not generate hazardous or explosive dust, as it works by milling and produces coarse chips. A real advantage for users who frequently have to expose themselves to the risks of respirable and explosive dust when machining aluminium. Thanks to the absence of dust, the disc can also be used in almost any location, since an extractor unit is no longer needed. The chips can simply be swept up and disposed of.

The geometry of the disc and the possibility of turning and eventually replacing the cutting inserts when they are worn allow the very long and cost-effective use of this true innovation. Moreover, the tool does not even clog up on lubricating materials. The ALUMASTER High Speed Disc can be used for working on butt and fillet welds as well as on edges, e. g. for chamfering and modifying geometries.


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