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The successful CC-GRIND-SOLID – now also as CC-GRIND-FLEX type

PFERD introduces the new product CC-GRIND-FLEX, which is very promising as well. The CC-GRIND-SOLID grinding disc, the new generation of reinforced grinding wheels, already impressed users worldwide because it offers 100 % more stock removal compared to reinforced grinding wheels.

The new semi-flexible CC-GRIND-FLEX version was specially developed for working on weld seams on steel. Especially when used on butt weld seams, it completely levels the seams and creates a perfectly plane surface. This surface can then be varnished or painted ideally, since there are no dents or bumps left which might otherwise mar it. The new CC-GRIND-FLEX performs best when it is used with the suitable clamping flange set. In combination with the clamping flange set, the grinding disc is optimally aligned and therefore allows particularly flat and efficient use.  

Both the CC-GRIND-SOLID and the CC-GRIND-FLEX can be used on smaller, lighter angle grinders than reinforced grinding wheels and still achieve significantly more stock removal per time unit. Thereby, users accomplish quicker results while conserving their energy. On top of that, with 50 % less noise and vibration and 80 % less dust, the innovative CC-GRIND-SOLID and CC-GRIND-FLEX grinding discs from PFERD are markedly more comfortable to use than conventional reinforced grinding wheels.


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