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Successful raid against counterfeit manufacturer of PFERD chain saw files

It was the first time for PFERD Tools - August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG, Shanghai Representative Office to cooperate on anti-counterfeiting matters in China. In 2011 we received some information about potential counterfeit products being sold in China. After selecting an investigation company the search started early December. One investigator found a factory in Hebei Province producing counterfeit PFERD chain saw files. Disguised as businessman he talked to a manager of the factory to acquire more detailed information and to get samples.

Beginning of March 2012 the investigation company collected enough evidence and their attorneys lodged a complaint to Nanpi Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC). After reviewing the complaint materials AIC officials decided to take action and successfully raided against counterfeit manufacturer.

At present, Nanpi Administration of Industry and Commerce is handling the case.
The consequences the manufacturer has to face are severe as he will be blacklisted, will be fined, has to face regular AIC inspections and has to pay for the expenses for all counterfeit products which have to be abolished.

This was only the first step in the long run but we will continue to protect our most valuable asset, the PFERD Brand. We thank AIC for their professional and prompt support. 


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