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Flexible and adaptable: COMBIDSIC-CONTOUR

The tools in the COMBIDISC range for surface finishing have been a permanent part of the fine grinding and polishing range at PFERD for years. They convince in applications with simple handling, quick tool change, vibration-free operation and their versatile application options.

PFERD has now extended the range with the new form "COMBIDISC-CONTOUR". Unlike the previous COMBIDISC tools, the COMBIDISC-CONTOUR abrasive discs do not have a round shape but are similar to the shape of a flower with regular protrusions in the outer contour area. These protrusions are very flexible and adaptable. This prevents grinding into the workpiece.With their soft outer contour, the COMBIDISC-CONTOUR abrasive discs are particularly suitable for finishing tight contours and concave surfaces with radius transitions in tool and mould construction, in machine and plant engineering, in container and apparatus construction or in the aviation and space industry.

PFERD offers COMBIDISC-CONTOUR abrasive discs both in the CD version (COMBIDISC mounting), as well as CDR (to suit other systems used on the market such as RolocTM, Lockit, Speed Lock Type III, Fastlock-System B or Roll on). The range covers various grit sizes.


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