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New POS packaging for mounted brushes

PFERD is offering new POS packaging for technical brushes to meet retailer demands. Alongside wheel, cup and flaring cup brushes, mounted brushes are now also available in promotional individual packaging.

The sturdy POS packaging is designed to be open so that the tools can be seen and touched easily. It has Euro perforations for the best product presentation on sales walls. Each package has a label that shows the order name and an EAN code as well as the dimensions of the respective brush. Pictograms also explain the most important product features.

The individual packaging is supplied in a practical outer box (10 pc PU, 5 PU for mounted cup brushes). The order name and EAN code on the actual outer box facilitates inventory management.

PFERD offers an extensive brush range with different shapes, dimensions and materials to process a number of materials.


Trade fairs

As in previous years, PFERD will be exhibiting its products on numerous trade shows.

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