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Another Success in the Fight Against Counterfeiting

The PFERD group reports another success in the battle against counterfeit manufacturers in China. On 27.07.2012, officials from the Chinese Administration Authority for Industry and Trade (AIC) searched the premises of a file factory in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou during a raid and found a huge number of counterfeit chain saw files.

This was preceded by three months of intensive research and undercover investigations with the Chinese authorities. The investigations were coordinated by the PFERD representative located in Shanghai and Chinese patent lawyers. After hearing the evidence and checking the facts, the AIC took the initiative.

The forgers were caught by the police authorities and the detectives working for the PFERD group. A huge number of counterfeit chain saw files was discovered in the warehouse completely packed up in boxes which are exact replicas of PFERD packaging. More than 27,000 files were seized in total. The seized tools were brought to the local AIC warehouse as evidence.

The manufacturer of the forged goods can expect heavy consequences such as being put on the so-called "black list" and consistent observation through unannounced inspection visits by the authorities. They will also have to pay a fine and cover the costs for destruction of the counterfeits.

In May 2012, a Chinese manufacturer from the province of Hebei was found guilty of product counterfeiting. Numerous copies were also seized and destroyed in this case.

PFERD thanks the Chinese authorities involved, especially the AIC, for the determined enforcement of its brand rights and emphasises that it will continue to actively search for and seize product counterfeits together with the Chinese authorities.


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