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Record attempt by PFERD

On the first day, the PFERD stand of horse was the magnet for visitors. As many dealers as seldom seen before took up the invitation from the Marienheide manufacturer and came to the stand in Hall 10.2.

There, they were fascinated to follow the PFERD RECORD, which has broadcast to the stand on a large monitor wall, live from the companies main office. During the course of the exhibition, from Sunday to Wednesday, 10 teams of workers attempted to perform a total of 200,000 cuts using the new R SG-INOX cut-off wheels. An ambitious goal, as Stefan Brown, PFERD Director for Sales and Marketing admits: "We set ourselves a major challenge. However, we are confident that using the new generation of our R SG-INOX cut-off wheels, the teams will succeed."

Significant improvement in output

The output of the wheels could be increased by 40%. "This" - continued Stefan Brown, "opens up entirely new dimensions in economic value: With 40% more output, almost every third wheel is saved. Using less tools also means less time lost on tool changes. Moreover, because of the tool's extraordinary cutting characteristics, we are cutting much faster than before." Taken together, this offers enormous potential savings. The PFERD RECORD should demonstrate what the new cut- off wheels can achieve.
The visitors to the PFERD stand were also impressed by the exceptional performance. A public test of this kind performed live is a real "statement". In general, the dealers at the PFERD stand were impressed by the increase in output in this range and, at the same time, recognized the new sales opportunities offered by the new cut-off wheels.

Record-breaking mood amongst the team in Marienheide

Michael Wagner reports via the PFERD-TOOL-MOBILE on the great mood, at PFERD and in the market: "From the start, the teams here at the PFERD ACADEMY in Marienheide were focussed and motivated to succeed. Meanwhile, something of a competition has developed among the participants themselves!" As an application specialist, Wagner attended the record attempt at PFERD's main office. Even after the second day, the tiredness of the record-attempting cutters was kept at bay: "Some of them just didn't want to stop!", says Wagner.
Teams from around the world met up at the PFERD ACADEMY, where the attempt is currently taking place: Dealers and end users of the PFERD brand are doing the cutting, supported by employees and trainees from the PFERD raw material plant. Over the first two days, more than 93,000 cuts were completed.
At the mid-point, Stefan Brown is confident that the target of 200,000 cuts can be achieved: "We race is going well. I would not even be surprised if we were to exceed the target."

The record attempt can be followed on the PFERD stand in Hall 10.2 and is being streamed live on the Internet at


Trade fairs

As in previous years, PFERD will be exhibiting its products on numerous trade shows.

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