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Cutting more - the new thin cut-off wheels from PFERD

The new thin PFERD cut-off wheels in Performance Line SG-ELASTIC and Special Line SG-PLUS have been significantly improved in terms of their cutting performance. After an increase of 40 % in the already high output levels, you can now offer the highest number and fastest, thin 1-mm cuts.

This increase in output has been made possible by means of a new production process with innovative design, as well as by more abrasive grit with improved integration. The increased output means a saving of 29 % for the user, who benefits from the lowest cost per cut. With an average consumption of around 10
discs per day, in one year up to 1000 euros can be saved; through tool selection alone. In addition, there are further potential savings through
faster and fewer tool changes due to increased tool life.

Moreover, from a technical point of view, the new 1-mm cut-off wheels also impress by producing the fastest, cool and low-burr, thin cuts in optimum cutting, with the longest tool life and typical PFERD safety.

The wheels, precisely manufactured according to strict oSa guidelines, also offer all the advantages of PFERDERGONOMICS®: They operate with very low vibration, generating extremely low noise and dust levels and require minimal effort due to their good cutting characteristics and control.


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