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The "POLICAP®" abrasive caps product line from PFERD has been significantly expanded in terms of the available shapes, dimensions, abrasives and grit sizes. Now, for the first time, this allows PFERD to provide a complete product line for tool and mould construction, as well as for the aerospace industry.

The aluminium oxide A (Al2O3) type is suitable for universal use on hardened, tempered and unhardened steel materials. It has been specially developed for special tasks in tool and mould construction, e.g. for repair work. The aluminium oxide A type is also suitable for processing plastics, wood and filler in model construction.
The SIC-COOL type (silicon carbide with abrasive grinding layer) is ideal for work with components made from titanium and aluminium, as well as their respective alloys, e.g. in aircraft and turbine construction and the associated maintenance. The special grit selection and the grinding additives in the bond allow cool grinding, reduce the workpiece temperature and prevent chip adhesion.

With the CO-COOL type (ceramic grit with abrasive grinding layer), PFERD offers abrasive caps that are ideally suitable, due to the special structure of the ceramic grit and the abrasive bond components, for work on stainless steel (INOX), as well as for the highly temperature-resistant nickel- and cobalt-based alloys frequently used in turbine construction, such as Inconel® and Hastelloy®. The abrasive grinding additives prevent clogging and result in cooler grinding with significantly higher
stock removal.

All POLICAP® tools are seamlessly produced and the entire tool surface can be used. Reusable holders in various shapes are available for use of the abrasive caps. Secure seating of the abrasive caps on the holders during use is ensured by the high accuracy with which they are matched to each other.
The PFERD POLICAP® product line includes three types in four shapes and many grit sizes.


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