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PFERD completes the range of material-specific Tungsten Carbide Burrs

"CAST" is the new and innovative tungsten carbide cut included by the specialist in surface finishing and cutting from the Oberbergischer Kreis. Alongside the STEEL, INOX, ALU and PLAST cuts, the CAST burr completes the range of material-specific burrs.
Burrs with CAST cut have been specially developed for work with grey and nodular cast iron. They are characterized by an up to 100 % higher stock removal performance and by an innovative tooth geometry in comparison to conventional cross cut burrs. Despite their significantly increased aggressiveness, their smooth milling is impressive.
PFERDERGONOMICS® recommends burrs with CAST cut as an innovative tool solution for comfortable working with significantly reduced vibration and lower noise.
The CAST cut PFERD product line includes nine different shapes in a wide range of dimensions.
Specialist distributors have long been very impressed by the materialspecific TC burrs from PFERD; because of their direct and unambiguous assignment to specific material groups they are much easier to advise on, as burrs with cuts for universal use. The better the advice that end users receives, the more they become satisfied customers.


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