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Now also available as a digital app – The new Tool Manual from PFERD

For the first time in its nearly 100-year history, the PFERD Tool Manual is now available as an app. "We have offered an online catalogue for a number of years now, through our website," says PFERD Director of Sales and Marketing, Stefan Braun, explaining the strategy of the Marienheide manufacturer. "And we have been closely observing the general trend toward 'mobile media' for a long time. The retailers and end users, who ultimately make use of our tools, increasingly rely on mobile availability of information. They want to be informed wherever they are and whatever the time, without the need for a computer or laptop. The PFERD app fulfils this requirement exactly."

However, PFERD has not reinvented the wheel: The structure, navigation and logic of the app exactly follow the customary and familiar layout of the printed tool manual. "This is important to us," emphasizes Stefan Braun, "because why should we compel the reader to think in a completely new way?" Rather, the existing information has been enriched. So, the app contains not only the current Tool Manual but also a variety of other material, information on practice with application notes, as well as numerous videos that show the tools in use.

Sales representatives in the field now uses the app extensively: "I myself am surprised how often I now go to my iPad, rather than – as before – pulling the book out of my bag" reports Eric Friedmann, manager of the PFERD branch office in Mannheim, expanding on his day to day sales life. "With the app I can even zoom in on an image and show it to the person who I'm talking to. An image often says so much more than can be described in words."

End users appreciate the fact that they can jump between the book and the app, without having to mentally switch gears. "But above all they like the application videos: "If the suitability of the tool for the respective application is not at first completely clear, then the video answers all the remaining questions," adds Friedmann, giving the sales perspective.

However, neither Stefan Braun nor Eric Friedmann see the app replacing the sales rep or his advice. "Quite the contrary: Thanks to the app, the people we talk to are usually already prepared for our advice, they ask more precise questions and receive - quite logically - more detailed recommendations," so that Friedmann is sure that the combination of the printed tool manual, the PFERD app and the personal on-site consultation provides the ideal information base for both the dealer and the end-user. Stefan Braun adds: "The fact that we have not overloaded the reader with trendy 'gadgets' in this app but, instead, based it on proven and popular structures, and that we have built on classic functions, such as pages and other operations that are already familiar on these devices, means that we have already received many compliments from users. This is typical PFERD, with all its core competencies; core competencies that are found in our Tool Manual. Previously it was 'black on white' and now it's 'light on dark' too. It's that simple."

The PFERD app is available free for iPads from the app store and for Android tablets from the Google play store. It can be found by entering the search term "PFERD Werkzeuge". Updates will be available to download periodically, to ensure that the information is always up to date.


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