A solution for every application

The product range includes more than 7,500 tools for different applications, from coarse to mirror-polished, and for cutting. PFERD tools are used each and every day in many different sectors.

Innovations in the PFERD range include impressive solutions that are not only popular with end-users, but also among retailers: PFERD innovations are unique selling propositions!

A team of experienced product managers is responsible for ensuring that the range is constantly updated and improved. If required, PFERD can develop a tailor-made solution just for you, always aimed at
attaining the highest levels of cost-effectiveness for you.

In use in many industries

■ Chemical and processing industries
■ Fitting and container construction
■ Steelworks
■ Foundries
■ Tool and mould construction
■ Pipeline construction
■ Dockyards
■ Automotive industry
■ Steel construction, locksmiths
■ Aviation and aerospace, gas turbine construction and repair
■ Machine engineering

For a broad spectrum of applications

■ Cutting
■ Grinding
■ Milling
■ Filing
■ Brushing
■ Polishing
■ Cleaning
■ Derusting
■ Deburring
■ Matt finishing


Trade fairs

As in previous years, PFERD will be exhibiting its products on numerous trade shows.

Speed Calculator

Calculate the optimum speed for your PFERD Tool


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