Reinforced grinding wheel CERAMIC - High-perfomance reinforced grinding wheel for fast and cost-effective grinding

The new PFERD reinforced grinding wheel with ceramic oxide grain impresses with its ultimate aggressiveness and very long tool life. Because of the self-sharpening effect of the high-performance abrasive ceramic oxide grain in connection with a special bond technology, the tool maintains its abrasiveness throughout its entire service life. This results in a faster work progress and thus significant savings in labour costs compared to the use of conventional reinforced grinding wheels. Moreover, it allows working with less effort.

Abrasive: Ceramic oxide grain CO
Manufactured without addition of ferrous, chlorinated and sulphurous fillers.

Materials to be worked: Steel, stainless steel (INOX)

Applications: Surface grinding, work on weld seams, chamfering, deburring

Recommendations for use: Achieves optimum grinding results on highpowered angle grinders

PFERDERGONOMICS recommends the CERAMIC reinforced grinding wheel for working with less effort.

PFERDEFFICIENCY recommends the CERAMIC reinforced grinding wheel for perfect results in the shortest possible time.



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