1. Start by registering with the PFERD Shop. Please use the registration form.

2. With these access data you are cleared to enter the PFERD Shop.

3. Now you're all set: Go directly to the PFERD Shop and enter your partner number and password. Our little guide will take you reliably through the shop site.

4. Product catalogue
The PFERD tool range is structured into catalogues 201 - 209. The system will take you systematically to the desired product, and all relevant information, in just a few steps.

5. Search
Use this function to find any desired product.

6. Entering your purchase order
Enter your product data and desired quantities in the clearly structured ordering forms. We will calculate directly your individual price and let you know about availability and delivery terms. You can then place your order and we will confirm it in the same screen template. The terms and conditions agreed with your company will remain fully applicable to any PFERD Shop purchases you make.

7. Order list
All open and closed purchase orders will be displayed to you here in a clearly arranged form.

8. Two new features have now been added to our PFERD Shop to make the system still easier for you to use:

A backup function saves your ordering process, allowing you to continue after a potential line breakdown. In addition, you may now define any number of shopping baskets in which to place recurrent sets of items. This will eliminate the time-consuming compilation of individual products and ordering quantities. Needless to say, each of these shopping baskets can be edited at any time, so you can make changes easily and conveniently.

9. Contact form
Use this form to submit your questions or suggestions to us, complete your address data, or just send us a message.

10. General terms and conditions of sale
Here you will find our latest terms and conditions governing product offers, delivery, and payment.

11. Registration
Send us your access application. We will send you all further information as well as your password.


Trade fairs

As in previous years, PFERD will be exhibiting its products on numerous trade shows.

Speed Calculator

Calculate the optimum speed for your PFERD Tool


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