Radioactive contamination of metallic products

In February 2009 the German Environment Ministry informed the public that stainless steel products from India contaminated with radioactive material had been found in several Federal states (see press report no. 41/09).

At the moment, it is assumed that this contamination was the result of unintentional meltdown of radioactive cobalt-60 radiation sources in an Indian foundry.

The products involved are both preliminary products in the form of stainless steel round bars that were destined for further processing in Germany, as well as final products such as machine parts.

Contaminated steel products as the result of unintentional meltdown of radioactive radiation sources are a global problem. In other words, there is always a latent risk that steel products may be contaminated. 

It goes without saying that the products we purchase from you must not present a health hazard for either our employees or our customers.

For this reason we would ask you to make sure that radioactive contamination of metallic materials delivered to PFERD is impossible.

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