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Micro motor system - A powerful all-rounder

Press release

Micro motor system - A powerful all-rounder


The new 80,000-rpm micro motor system from PFERD is a true problemsolver – comprehensive accessories and perfectly attuned tools also make it a versatile all-rounder.

With the new micro motor system MIM STG3S 3/800, PFERD has unveiled a unique solution for material finishing. It can be used in tool- and mould-making applications, to name just two examples. With its range of 80,000–1,000 rpm, the micro motor not only covers a very wide rotational speed range, but also constitutes a versatile alternative to air grinders. The costly setup and laborious maintenance of compressed-air generation systems and networks can be omitted entirely. One single tool drive system replaces numerous individual airpowered machines.

The control unit can be operated by hand or by using a foot switch. The respective motor handpieces can be connected to two switchable sockets as needed. Four freely programmable storage slots per connected handpiece enable individually pre-set rotational speeds to be selected quickly and precisely.

With its powerful rating of 350 W (consumption, output between 180 and 120 W depending on the handpiece used), the micro motor MIM STG3S 3/800 enables short processing times while offering high economic efficiency.

PFERDVALUE recommends the micro motor system for quiet, energy-saving work.

PFERD supplies a special handpiece intended for use at a rotational speed of 80,000 rpm. The MIM HAS 3/800 SP3 is distinguished by its high performance stability and concentric accuracy. It features a low-maintenance brushless motor and a start interlock for when no tools are mounted. The quick-clamping system functions keylessly and with maximum clamping force. Compared to air grinders, the HAS 3/800 SP3 micro motor handpiece is extremely energy-efficient and considerably quieter.

PFERDVALUE recommends the micro motor handpiece MIM HAS 3/800 SP3 for labour-saving, comfortable work. Furthermore, using the handpiece saves energy and time.

PFERD offers a comprehensive range of accessories that complement the MIM STG3S 3/800. Alongside a Vario switch and an on/off foot switch, a range of different handpieces is available – either straight or angled at 45° or 90°.

The package is rounded off by the comprehensive range of tools for tool- and mould-making: this comprises burrs, grinding and mounted points, fine-grinding and polishing tools, diamond and CBN tools, cut-off wheels and industrial brushes.



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