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New versions of the handy helpers

Press release


PFERD is expanding its range of HSS step drills with additional versions, dimensions and sets.

Step drills are handy helpers when it comes to creating holes in sheet metal, pipes and profiles quickly. Metallic materials, non-ferrous metals, plastics or other materials, such as wood, can be machined. Material thicknesses up to 4 mm can easily be drilled and deburred at the same time in a single step.

PFERD is expanding its range of drilling and countersinking tools with new versions, dimensions and sets.

As a matter of principle, all PFERD step drills have completely smooth running and a high cutting performance as they are produced with a high degree of precision. The high-quality drill tips enable effortless centring and drilling in the workpiece. The spiral groove removes chips which do not break quickly and reliably and prevents the formation of built-up edges and cold welding on the blades. Due to its conical shape which is ground at the rear, the step drill can easily be withdrawn from cut-outs. To ensure reliable torque transmission, all step drills have a three-surface shaft.

PFERD offers two versions of step drills, mainly for use in power drills or column drills, with HICOAT coating (HC-FEP) and without coating.

Step drills with a HICOAT coating HC-FEP provide good high-temperature hardness and resistance to oxidation. They can therefore also be used on hard materials without the addition of coolants. Both versions are available with dimensions from 4–12 mm to 6–37 mm.

In addition, PFERD offers two sets each with three pieces in the most common dimensions (4–12 mm, 4–20 mm, 4–30 mm). The sturdy plastic boxes protect the tools against dirt and damage. The securing of the HSS step drills facilitates the selection and withdrawal of the tools.



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