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On point: PFERD extends portfolio of tungsten carbide burrs for finishing

Press release

Burrs tapered to a point for very precise applications


Burrs tapered to a point for very precise applications.

The new SKM burr shape has been added to the line of tungsten carbide burrs with MICRO cut from PFERD ( This solution makes a small, but significant difference: The burr is tapered to a point (almost tapers off completely) and is suitable for working on the tiniest areas. Moreover, it has a high-quality finish and, unlike with mounted points, its geometry does not change. In total, seven new products have been included in the portfolio of tungsten carbide burrs for finishing, which now consists of 49 products.

Tungsten carbide burrs with MICRO cut are used in areas where mounted points are usually used, but where high stock removal rates are required as well. Almost all materials up to 68 HRC can be machined with them in manual or stationary applications. The burrs are suitable for finishing, very fine cleaning work, corrections in tool- and mould making, sharpening cutting tools and other tasks. The PFERD MICRO line currently encompasses seven burr shapes.

The high-quality finish and the fact that there are no changes in geometry caused by wear and tear makes these tools very precise and reliable solutions.

Precision in the finest shape

The new SKM burr shape (conical pointed shape) has these properties, too. The burrs which are tapered to a point can be used for maintaining moulds and dies in tool and mould making. The materials include steel, stainless steel (INOX) as well as materials which are difficult to machine (hardness < 68 HRC).

“In machining processes, extreme precision is required in order to achieve work results of the best possible quality. At the same time, the processes that are used need to be cost-effective. Our finishing tools are designed in such a way that they allow both efficient processes and high levels of precision,” explains Thomas Plömacher, product manager for tungsten carbide burrs at PFERD, the brand of August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co KG.

Ergonomic for users

In addition to their excellent performance, tungsten carbide burrs with MICRO cut are characterized by significantly reduced vibrations and less noise. Therefore, they fit in with the concept of PFERDERGONOMICS – ergonomically optimized tools. This prevents performance drops and results in more comfort for users and safety in the processes.

“These days, tool users usually need to achieve perfect results under a lot of time pressure. The choice of tool does not only have significant influence on the part to be worked on, but also on the health and working conditions of the users. The effects of noise and vibrations as well as other factors might permanently damage users’ health. When we develop our solutions, we therefore always make sure that they are ergonomically optimized,” explains Thomas Plömacher.



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