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The quickest tool change of all time

Press release


The world’s first quick tool change system for angle grinders comes from Bosch. PFERD is an X-LOCK development partner.

X-LOCK from Bosch is the world’s first quick-changing system for angle grinders: position the tool in the X-LOCK holder, click it into place – and you’re done. To release, the lever on the head of the angle grinder is pulled. It’s never been so easy to change accessories on angle grinders. X-LOCK creates a new standard, makes professionals’ work easier and increases the productivity.

Bosch Power Tools relies on strong partners like PFERD. PFERD has developed the principle for connecting the X-LOCK punched part with bonded abrasives, flap wheels and brushes and created the conditions to enable them to be produced industrially.

With the Bosch X-LOCK system for angle grinders, you can change tools quickly and comfortably. Instead of a round centre hole, the X-LOCK system features an X-shaped contour, which allows the tool to be fixed on the angle grinder in a form-fitting manner. This guarantees that different tools can be mounted securely and comfortably in the shortest possible time. The unique system meets the highest quality and safety standards and even withstands tough and challenging operating conditions.


  • Quick and comfortable tool changes.
  • Tools are fixed securely since they audibly click into place.
  • Tools with X-LOCK can also be used on conventional angle grinders with an M14 and 5/8”-11 thread (exception: cup brushes).

PFERD offers an extensive range of tools with X-LOCK quick-change system. It includes POLIVLIES flap discs for fine grinding and matt finishing, cut-off wheels for steel and stainless steel (INOX), POLIFAN, POLIFAN STRONG and POLIFAN CURVE flap discs, grinding wheels, and cup and wheel brushes. All in PFERD quality.



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