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Waste water connection of barrier-free bathroom fixtures made easy

Press release

Waste water connection of barrier-free bathroom fixtures made easy


Connecting barrier-free bathroom fixtures that are flush with the floor requires a lot of time and effort, particularly in existing buildings. In order to connect a shower drain which is below floor level to the existing waste water system, the drainpipe often has to be exposed and cut in the room below the bathroom. This usually damages the room considerably. Inevitably, it cannot be used until the ceiling and wall have been reconstructed, which takes a lot of time and effort.

With the FIXOCUT system, such an approach is not necessary any more, since the existing drainpipe can be cut and shortened directly from the bathroom to be remodelled to install the new junction.

In order to do this, the existing pipe is exposed in the wall of the worksite. Afterwards, a section of about 80 cm in length is cut out of the existing pipe with a saw. The flexible shaft with the diamond wheel can now be inserted into the pipe from above, the height of the cut can be specified and adjusted at the rigid guide plate and the pipe can be cut from inside where the junction will be.

A spacer disc at the diamond wheel prevents parallel pipes from being damaged while the pipe is cut. The high-performance diamond wheel works very fast and can be used on all common materials (e.g. plain-end cast iron, heat-resistant PP, PVC or clay pipes). Once the cut pipe section has been removed, the new coupling can be installed. Please note: The wall is opened and the pipe is shortened from the worksite and not from the rooms below it!

Advantages of the FIXOCUT system:

  • Existing pipe is cut off quickly and easily
  • Precise horizontal cut with a free choice of cutting depth (between 10 and 35 cm)
  • Easy and comfortable handling
  • High-performance diamond cut-off wheel, suitable for plain-end cast iron, heat-resistant PP, PVC or clay pipes
  • Supplied and stored ready for use in a robust and compact case

FIXOCUT consists of a powerful drive (1,050 watts power input, 600 watts power output), a 2 m long flexible shaft incl. a tool holder, a guide plate for the exact adjustment of the cutting depth as well as a durable high-performance diamond cut-off wheel (diameter 75 mm) with a spacer disc. The FIXOCUT system is supplied in a robust portable case where it can be stored ready for use.

The FIXOCUT pipe cutting set is a new development by August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG, PFERD Tools, one of the world’s leading companies for the production and distribution of tools for surface finishing and material cutting. This solution was developed together with plumbers specializing in remodelling bathrooms in existing buildings in order to make the laborious, time-consuming and expensive work processes associated with creating barrier-free bathroom solutions more cost-effective and easier.



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