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PFERD offers the winning combination of quality tools, drives and personalized consultation that will deliver an ideal solution for your surface finishing and material cutting tasks.

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PFERD customers benefit from many additional services. Here you can find a selection of the services that contribute to your added value when working with PFERD.


The PFERD Tool Manual (Catalogue) contains more than 8,500 tools and valuable knowledge related to surface finishing and material cutting.


PFERD is leading in the development, production and support, as well as in the distribution, of tool solutions for work on surfaces and material cutting.


We will answer your questions on different applications, materials or tool drives.


Tungsten carbide burrs with HICOAT coatings

PFERD offers tungsten carbide burrs with HICOAT coatings to tackle particularly demanding applications. The anti-wear coatings enable effective chip removal thanks to the improved anti-adhesion characteristics and increase the tools' service life.

Two different coatings are available.

The HICOAT coating HC-FEP is specifically designed for iron and steel materials.
The HICOAT coating HC-NFE is mainly used for long-chipping and lubricating aluminium alloys and non-ferrous metals.

In general, all PFERD tungsten carbide burrs are also available with HICOAT coatings.


  • Improved anti-adhesion characteristics.
  • Effective chip discharge.
  • Lower thermal loads.
  • Increased service life.
  • Also suitable for use at higher cutting speeds when compared with uncoated burrs.

HICOAT coating HC-FEP for iron and steel materials

  • High hardness and wear resistance.
  • Effective chip removal through improved anti-adhesion characteristics.
  • Very high resistance against thermal load.
  • Increased service life.
  • Also suitable for use at higher cutting speeds when compared with uncoated burrs.

ALU cut with HICOAT coating HC-NFE

The use of burrs with the PFERD HICOAT coating HC-NFE prevents chips adhering during work on soft aluminium alloys. This increases the tool life and improves the surface quality of the workpiece.

  • Mainly used for long-chipping and lubricating non-ferrous metals.
  • Highest stock removal rate.
  • Effective chip removal through improved anti-adhesion characteristics.
  • Lower thermal loads.
  • Longer service life.

Tungsten carbide burrs for high-performance applications

Optimum stock removal rate and high aggressiveness and good guidance. Significant time savings and a high economic value in comparison to conventional cross-cut burrs. PFERD offers tungsten carbide burrs also with high-quality HICOAT coating.


Milling tools from PFERD

Tungsten carbide burrs for universal applications, for high-performance applications and much more

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